How to direct connect XLX204 in DMR mode


Only use DMR and C4FM on XLX204

XLX007 - XLX088 - don't have local AMBE-Vocoders

Module/Room B (Nederland) is intended to be only used in D-Star mode

DMR mode - connecting with Pi-Star

Pi-Star/mmdvmhost (DMRGateway)

Activate DMRGateway as DMR Master [ Apply Changes ]

Set in the XLX section:

  • XLX Master: XLX_204
  • XLX Startup Module: D = default
  • XLX Master Enable: On
  • DMR EmbeddedLCOnly: On
  • DMR DumpTAData: On

In DMRGateway you may also Enable BrandMeister Network and/or Enable DMR+ Network.

DMRGateway routes trafic to the specific network based on TG-number (TG 6 goes to XLX).

On the set - to communicate:

  • Use TG 6 (Group Call) on your set

TG 6 makes DMRGateway route to XLX.

Change module:

  • make a Private Call to 640xx on TG 6 (just PTT)
    where xx is 01 for A .. 26 for Z
  • make a Private Call to 64000 on TG 6 (just PTT) to Unlink module
  • make a Private Call to 65000 on TG 6 (just PTT) to Check Link Status

DMR mode - connecting with openSpot

OpenSpot (and other none mmdvmhost)

Settings tab:

DMR settings

  • Color code: (set your hotspot color code)

Modem tab:

  • Modem: DMR Hotspot

Connectors tab:

  • Connector: Homebrew/MMDVM
  • Protocol: MMDVM
  • Server: XLX204
  • Port: 62030
  • DMR ID: your Id - without ESSID (so without the two extra digits)
  • Server password: Passw0rd
  • On the set - to communicate:

    • Use same color code as set in OpenSpot DMR settings
    • Use TG 9 - local (groupcall)

    Change module:

    • Always Unlink first: make a Private Call to 4000 on TG 9 (just PTT)
    • Make a Private call to 40xx on TG 9 (just PTT) to connect to module xx
      where xx is 01 for module A .. 26 for module Z