How to direct connect XLX204 in C4FM mode


Only use DMR and C4FM on XLX204

XLX007 - XLX088 - don't have local AMBE-Vocoders

Module/Room B (Nederland) is intended to be only used in D-Star mode

C4FM mode - XLX204 as YSF-Reflector


Just choose YSF62862 - XLX204 - roomYWires-X (Id: 62862) as YSF Reflector / Startup Host.

An XLX-reflector acts as one YSF-reflector. So only one mudule can be set as the default module to connect to in YSF.
For XLX204 that default (and only) module is NPVXYZ

C4FM mode - XLX204 as Wires-X node

Wires-X on XLX204 acts as an YSF Master, which provides 26 Wires-X rooms: 00001(=A) to 00026(=Z)

NPVXYZ* - default YSF/Wires-X module/Room (check  Repeaters / Nodes).   Default Node Tx/Rx frequency is set to 434.412500 MHz


XLX204 acts as a Wires-X node.
By design, the Wires-X / XLX node sets the Tx and Rx frequency of the connected set to the node frequency (= 434.412500 MHz for XLX204).

On the set:

  • Press the Wires-X button to connect XLX204
  • Default Wires-X room at connect is room NPVXYZ
  • Press All to get the named room list for module A .. module Z

C4FM Wires-X mode - connecting with openSpot

OpenSpot (and other none mmdvmhost)

Set Tx/Rx frequency to 434.412500 MHz

Set System Fusion/YSFReflector credentials:

  • Server: XLX204
  • Server address:
  • Port: 42001

On the set:

  • Press the Wires-X button to connect XLX204
  • Press All to get rooms list (module A .. module Z)

C4FM Wires-X mode - connecting with Pi-Star
(for origional Pi-Star -

Use the origional Pi-Star ( for Wires-X support

  • The EA7EE version does not support Wires-X on XLX reflectors !!
  • The EA7EE version only connects to XLX204 module Y as the default (and only) room

Pi-Star/mmdvmhost version 4.1.0 or newer

Switch on YSF mode (and Apply Changes).
In the Yaesu Sytem Fusion Configuration section select YSF Reflector:

  • YSF62862 - XLX204 - roomNPVXYZWires-X

Switch on WiresX Passtrough


Pi-Star/mmdvmhost will not change the frequency of the set to 434.4125 MHz. So you can (must) use the frequencies set on the Pi-Star hotspot.

Pi-Star/mmdvmhost before 4.1.0

Preferred: Upgrade Pi-Star to the newest version

YSF-Gateway will NOT passthrough Wires-X commands (so YSF-GW must be bypassed).
First go to Configuration and Enable YSF mode (and Apply Changes).
Then, to bypass the gateway, edit mmdvmhost - (in Pi-Star go to: Confuguration >> Expert >> MMDVMHOST)

Find the [System Fusion Network] section and change it to:


To put back (revert to) the default YSF-Gateway operation: