Cross Module Link via YSF Reflector

Any XLX Reflector Module can be linked to one of the XLX204 Multi Mode Cross Modules V, X, Y or Z

The XLX Module Cross Link is established via bridges to one of the NLX204 Multi Mode YSF Reflectors
DMRMmdvm Protocol is used to connect the XLX Reflector Modules

Cross Module Linking is only active for special events - and on request

Reflector Module Name CrossLink XLXDMR⇔YSF YSF Reflector YSF⇔DMR BM DMR
XLX204 E Module E = Local onlyAMBE Experiment [off*] Connected as XLX204_E
XLX204 X  i Module X = NL XLXinterLinkedAMBE MultiModeX [ON*] NL MM204X [ON*] [ON*] BM 204024
Not Linked MMX2XLX YSFMMX MMX2TG204024

Both CrossLink XLXDMR⇔YSF indicators and YSF Reflector must be [ON] to have XLX Modules Linked

Cross Module Link - Setting